izdihar afyouni


Izdihar Afyouni is Palestinian-Jordanian artist, writer and curator. Her creative and critical practice encompasses large-format painting, performance art, installation, ritual interventions and text. Her work is situated at the intersections of necropolitics, occultism and sexual dissidence and explores  phantasmic hereditaments of imperialism by interrogating the colonial gaze. 

Her curatorial practice is concerned with facilitating conversations between queer and intersectional artists to engage with converging lines of imperialism through exhibitions, open-source online curations, and conceptual reading groups.

Afyouni’s writing on art, occultism and politics as well as short fiction and a stage play has been published by Worms Magazine, Shoal Collective, Cuntemporary, Paraphilia Collective, amongst others. She serves on the advisory and editorial board for Studies in Theatre and Performance.

For studio inquiries please email izzyafyouni@gmail.com.